TechConnect Summit 2010
Jack DeForrest, PhD

Jack DeForrest, PhD

Vice President Technology Licensing

GE Healthcare

Dr.DeForrest (or Jack) earned his Ph.D. in cardiovascular physiologist at Penn State University in 1976. He then trained at the University of Missouri as a post-doctoral fellow where he researched the mechanisms of blood pressure and fluid volume control. He joined the Squibb Institute of Medical Research in 1979 and performed research in the department of pharmacology until Squibb's merger with Bristol-Myers. For the next 10+ years, Jack was director of project management and then alliance management and technology licensing. In 2001 Jack moved to Amersham Health where he had world wide responsibility for technology licensing. In 2003 he was promoted to vice president technology licensing, a position he now holds with GE Healthcare's Medical Diagnostic division.
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