TechConnect Summit 2010

SkyBuilt Power

Location:VA, US
Speaker:David J. Muchow
Title:Pres. & CEO
Primary Industry:Hybrid Solar, Wind and other Power
Executive Summary:SkyBuilt Power, Inc. (“SkyBuilt”) is the leader in self-contained, rapidly deployable, hybrid (typically, solar, wind, battery with other options), renewable energy power systems. SkyBuilt is seeking additional investment and partners to continue its growth and leadership position in its market niche and to keep up with the many customer inqiries/requests for its systems. This specialized segment of the renewables market is growing as rapidly as the overall market; but has a higher barrier to entry and is currently under served. SkyBuilt, an In-Q-Tel Company (the CIA’s strategic investment firm) has a proven product line of high value, reliable, fixed or mobile power in prepackaged hybrid energy systems, consisting of solar, wind, battery banks, or any other power components. These patented, hybrid renewable power systems are rapidly deployable, can set up in hours or a few days, can be remotely controlled, and can operate for years with little or no maintenance, fuel, and logistics and virtually no radar or heat signature. SkyBuilt’s systems are the only systems of their kind certified for safety and performance by the US Army after extensive testing at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, for deployment worldwide.
Venture is:B-Round

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