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Water Technologies

Water Technologies

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Symposium Co-Chairs

YuanQiao Rao YuanQiao Rao
Fellow, The Dow Chemical Company

Armin VölkelArmin Völkel
Senior Scientist & Principal Investigator
Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

Key Speakers

Qilin LiNanotechnology enabled water treatment: potential and research needs
Qilin Li
Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rice University

Steve JonsPrevention of scale formation by optimization of reverse osmosis membranes, elements, and systems
Steve Jons
Principal Research Scientist, Dow Water & Process Solutions

Daniel J. BartaGetting Out of Orbit: Water Recycling Requirements and Technology Needs for Long Duration Missions Away from Earth
Daniel J. Barta
Project Manager, Next Generation Life Support, NASA Johnson Space Center

Dibakar BhattacharyyaAdvanced Water Remediation Technologies: Toxic Metal Capture to Organic Pollutant Degradation
Dibakar Bhattacharyya
Professor, University of Kentucky

Manish KumarBiomimetic and Bioinspired Membranes for Energy and Environmental Applications
Manish Kumar
Assistant Professor, The Pennsylvania State University

Matthew B. FrancisBiomolecular Materials for the Removal of Heavy Metals and Organic Contaminants from Water
Matthew B. Francis
T.Z. and Irmgard Chu Distinguished Professor in Chemistry, UC Berkeley

Symposium Sessions

Monday May 15

1:30Water Technologies

Tuesday May 16

10:30Industrial Waste Water Treatment
1:30Membranes for Water Treatment
Water Technologies: Posters

Symposium Program

Monday May 15

1:30Water Technologies
1:30Getting Out of Orbit: Water Recycling Requirements and Technology Needs for Long Duration Missions Away from Earth (invited presentation)
D. Barta, NASA Johnson Space Center, US
1:55Nanotechnology enabled water treatment: potential and research needs (invited presentation)
Q. Li, Rice University, US
2:20Sustainable Drinking Water Disinfection System by a Reusable and Bio-compatible Nano diamond Material
A.F. Colón, N. Alvarez, P. Figueroa, A. Arroyo, J. Avalos, B.R. Weiner, G. Morell, R. Ríos, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus, US
2:40Ionic Diodes in Water Desalination & Purification
F. Marken, E. Madrid, B.D.B. Aaronson, N.B. McKeown, University of Bath, UK
3:00Microdeposition and microspectroscopy of nanoparticles as water contaminants
L.C.C. Elliott, S.M. Stavis, National Institute of Standards and Technology, University of Maryland, US
3:20Enhancement of Heat Transfer Coefficient Using Fe2O3 –Water Nanofluids
N.I. Zoulia, S.A.M. Mohammed, M.H. Al-Dahhan, Missouri University of Science and Technology, US
3:40Application of a Novel Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Water Decontamination
H. Kim, S. Izadjoo, H. Truong, M. Izadjoo, Trideum Biosciences and ChiScan LLC, US

Tuesday May 16

10:30Industrial Waste Water Treatment
10:30Biomolecular Materials for the Removal of Heavy Metals and Organic Contaminants from Water (invited presentation)
M. Francis, University of California, Berkeley, US
10:55Advanced Water Remediation Technologies: Toxic Metal Capture to Organic Pollutant Degradation (invited presentation)
D. Bhattacharyya, University of Kentucky, US
11:20Electroflox® Pilot plant for primary wastewater treatment of leachate
N. Marriaga-Cabrales, F. Machuca-Martinez, D. Donneys-Victoria, C.E. Alvarez-Pugliese, UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE, CO
11:40Energy Generation from Carbonaceous and Nitrogenous Pollutants via Ammonium, Methane, and Carbon Dioxide Reformation
P-H Lee, M. Ni, L. Xu, F. Dong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
12:00TiO2/Pt-NPs photocatalyst supported on zeolites obtained from fly ash particles. Evaluation of adsorption and photocatalytic activity in waste water treatment
M. Visa, M. Mihaly, M.A. Chelaru, Transilvania university of Brasov, RO
12:20Development of alumina/iron oxide nanocomposites as adsorbents for arsenic and fluoride removal from aqueous solutions: Process Optimization
T.C. Prathna, S. Kumar Sharma, M. Kennedy, UNESCO-IHE, NL
1:30Membranes for Water Treatment
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, The Dow Chemical Company, US
1:30Prevention of scale formation by optimization of reverse osmosis membranes, elements, and systems (invited presentation)
S. Jons, Dow Water & Process Solutions, US
1:55Biomimetic and Bioinspired Membranes for Energy and Environmental Applications (invited presentation)
M. Kumar, The Pennsylvania State University, US
2:20Hollow Fiber Thin Film Composite Membranes for Osmotic Processes: From Membranes to Modules
J. Ren, J.R. McCutcheon, University of Connecticut, US
2:40The Centrifugal Force in desalination using Graphene based membrane
Q. Tu, S. Li, University of California Berkeley, US
3:00Fouling Attachments Model Featuring Diverse Contaminated Particle Charges and Membrane Surface Charges
A. Abdelrasoul, H. Doan, A. Lohi, Ryerson University, CA
3:20High Selectivity, Low Energy Ultra Filtration Spirals
M. Grzelakowski, Applied Biomimetic Inc., US
3:40Effect of polymer ratio on nZVI loading onto electrospun nanofiber mat for mitigating groundwater contaminants
J. Ren, L.D. Tijing, H.K. Shon, University of Technology Sydney, AU
Water Technologies: PostersExpo Hall D & E
Mettalic nanoparticle impregnated natural fibers for removing toxic metals from aquous media
K. Ganesan, N. Rediske, E. Larson, Montana Tech, US
Desalinating Ocean Water With Recyclable Inorganic Materials
C. Muniz, Oregon State Universisty, US
Resilient water treatment technologies and challenges for the removal of emerging contaminants - Perfluorinated compounds
T.S. Singh, R. Singh, University of Virginia, US
An innovatively constructed Pilot scale Trickling filter and Its Performance to Treat Brewery wastewater: Influence of Hydraulic loading rate
H. Lemji, Jimma University, ET
Heterogeneous catalytic ozonation of leachate and wastewaters
N. Mena-Guerrero, J. Manrique-Julio, F. Machuca-Martinez, Universidad Del Valle, CO
Reduction of metals in production plant's effluents by applying air Micro-Nanobubbles in a factory of Lead Acid Batteries of the district of Puente Piedra, Lima
P. García, J. Valverde, University Cesar Vallejo, PE
Electrocapacitive Desalination of Brackish Water Using Biochars
R. Vander Wal, A. Sengupta, R. Rajagopalan, Penn State University, US
Advanced Photothermal Nanomaterials for Desalination Applications
G. Zhang, S. Davis, N. Kevlich, Z. Zhou, Luna Innovations Inc., US
Functionalization of carbon based nanomaterials for selective bacteria inhibition on water disinfection process
A. Arroyo, A. Colón, N. Alvarez, G. Morell, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, US
Metals disinfection of E. coli in synthetic groundwater and effects of varying water chemistry
J.N. Edokpayi, R. Singh, J.O. Odiyo, J.A. Smith, University of Venda, ZA
Water recovery and rejection of organochloride pesticides during reverse osmosis process
A. Adeniyi, R. Mbaya, M. Onyango, P. Popoola, E. Sethoga, V. Hlongwane, J. Mosesane, O. Olukunle, J. Maree, Tshwane University of Technology, ZA
Sustainable continuous flow photocatalytic wastewater treatment technology for water re-use
A. Duta, Transilvania University of Brasov, RO
Demonstration of Capillary ultra filtration membranes (CUF) on Acid Mine Drainage Effluent
B. Mlasi, P. Matabola, K. Sikhwivhilu, Mintek, ZA
Treatment of Waste Water Using Mbbr and Photocatalysis and Designing a Decentralised Treatment System for Community Living
P. Chittala, A.K. Thalla, national institute of technology, karnataka, India, IN
Preparation of amine-rich aerogel derived from graphene oxide and polyethylenimine for the adsorption of Cr(VI) in aqueous medium
D.K. Singh, S. Mohan, V. Kumar, S.H. Hasan, IIT(BHU), IN
Highwave Offshore Energy
G. Ross, G. Ross, Highwave Ocean Energy, US

This symposium focuses on advanced and emerging technologies for improvements in water purification, disinfection, generation, processing, filtration, manufacturing processes, waste use and local/global access and distribution. Industry leaders and experts will share their insights on economics and investment strategies, novel and proven solutions. Innovators from industry, government and academic laboratories around the world will share what’s new and what’s next in materials design and advanced technologies for water. Join us as we identify the innovations that are changing the future of water for our planet.

Topics & Application Areas

  • Novel Water Technologies & Materials
  • Industrial Water Treatment Applications
  • Desalination Technologies
  • Disinfection Technologies & Materials
  • Membrane Filtration Technologies & Materials
  • Sensing & Monitoring Devices
  • Waste Water Treatment & Reuse
  • Remediation Technologies
  • Conservation Technologies
  • Water & Energy Symbiosis
  • Best Practices & Case Studies
  • Other

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