Printed Organic One-Time Programmable Read-Only-Memory Array

S.-W. Jung, B.S. Na, C.W. Park, S.C. Lim, J.-Y. Oh, J.B. Koo
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, KR

Keywords: capacitor breakdown, organic memory, printed electronics, programmable read-only-memory (PROM)


This paper proposes a printed organic one-time programmable read-only-memory (PROM). The organic PROM cell consists of a capacitor and an organic PMOS transistor. Initially, all organic PROM cells with unbroken capacitors store ‘0’. Some organic PROM cells are programmed to ‘1’ by electrically breaking the capacitors applying a high voltage difference. After the electric breakdown of the capacitor, the current flowing through the capacitor significantly increases. The memory data is read out by sensing the cell current. 16bit organic PROM arrays were fabricated with printed organic PMOS transistors and capacitors. The breakdown voltage of the capacitor in the organic PROM cell is -47~-40V. The organic PROM cells are programmed with -50V and they are read out with -20V. The area of the 16bit organic PROM array is 70.6mm2. The current of the broken capacitor is 1.5~10.5μA