CMOS Heterogeneous Sensor Arrays of Nanomaterials for Sensing

S. MacNaughton, K. Park, S. Sonkusale
Tufts University, US

Keywords: CMOS, integrated sensors, electronic nose, graphene


We present a novel integration paradigm for nanomaterials on CMOS in which the CMOS die acts as an electro-active surface for the bottom-up assembly of nanomaterials. In this scheme, the topmost metal layer of the CMOS die is left exposed such that an array of electrodes formed in this layer can act as assembly sites and measurement electrodes for nanomaterials. Each electrode in the array is individually addressable for assembly and readout through an on chip amplifier. Reduced graphene oxide flakes, carbon nanotubes, and copper oxide nanowires are all shown to be easily integrated on the CMOS substrate. The functionality of nanomaterial array is demonstrated by exposing the sensors to a variety of gas environments and measuring the chemiresistive responses of the nanomaterials.