Compact MEMS/NEMS Characterization Platform Using a DVD Optical Pick-up Unit with Optical Imaging Function

C-H Chen, T. Larsen, S. Schmid, H-S Liao, I-S Hwang, A. Boisen, E-T Hwu
Academia Sinica, TW

Keywords: MEMS, NEMS, Characterization


We present a compact, simple and efficient platform for MEMS/NEMS characterization. In this platform, a DVD optical pickup unit (OPU) is combined with a CCD camera. A nano-scale resolution long range X-Y-Z linear stage below the sample is used for coarse adjustments. The DVD OPU is capable of detecting resonant frequencies of MEMS/NEMS structures. The working bandwidth and noise level of the OPU are 100 MHz and 1.3 pmHz^-1/2, respectively. Furthermore, the OPU has sub-micron laser spot size of 560 nm (FWHM), which facilitates optical measurements on sub-micrometer wide cantilevers. Both thermal noise and excited resonant frequencies of micrometer sized cantilevers/strings can be measured.