Efficiency of a Flat-plate Solar Collector with Water-based MWCNT Nanofluids

S-H Lee, S.P. Jang
Korea Aerospace University, KR

Keywords: nanofluids, extinction coefficient, flat-plate solar collector


In this paper, the efficiency of nanofluid-based flat-plate solar collector is analytically evaluated by use of the extinction coefficient of nanofluids. The water-based multi wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) nanofluids and water-based Ag nanofluids are selected as a solar thermal energy absorbing medium and their extinction coefficients are experimentally obtained by means of the Lambert-Beer law. To assess the efficiency of the solar collector, the theoretical model is established by solving a nondimensionalized 2-D heat equation and we present simplified solution of dimensionless temperature. Finally, the efficiency of nanofluid-based flat-plate collector is estimated and compared to the efficiency of conventional flat-plate solar collector.