Nanosponge Delivery Systems: Superior targeted delivery through nanosolubilization, tailored release profiles and practical synthesis

E. Harth
Vanderbilt University, US

Keywords: nanosponge


Degradable drug delivery systems composed from polyesters such as PLGA particles are one of the most investigated delivery systems. Several limitations of these systems in terms of composition, drug release kinetics and postmodification chemistries made it necessary to develop a novel concept which is accomplished with the development of the nanosponges. We have developed a delivery system based on tailorable polymer precursors to form a module system to custom design the delivery system in demand. These nanonetworks exhibit the following desirable features: (1) exact control of nanoscopic dimensions and network composition (2) controllable loading, degradation and release profiles by direct control of the linear precursor for crosslinking (3) tunable solubility in organic solvents enabling drug loading in favorable solvents and also dispersion in aqueous biological milieu for delivery. In a practical crosslinking process performed in a one pot-reaction and chemically guided selfassembly and crosslinking process leads to nanonetworks that are fully soluble in organics and behave like a macromolecule rather than a gel. The composition is fully adjustable and influences drug release rates as well as nanoscopic size dimensions. The fully degradable particles are semicrystalline at room temperature but amorphous at body temperature.