NanoBandage for Controlled Release of Topical Therapeutics

M. Patchan, X. Calderon-Colon, J. Benkoski, M. Theodore, H. Le, B. Fuller, N. Boggs, A. Nelson, L. Garza, K. Sarkar, G. Brandacher, J. Patrone
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, US

Keywords: nanoparticle, drug delivery, bandage, cellulose


Burn injuries, trauma, and surgical procedures result in complex wounds, which can lead to pain, infection, and scarring. Management of complex wounds remains a critical challenge for the medical community and effective, localized treatments are limited. Recent advancements in nanotechnology offer a unique opportunity to deliver therapeutics to wounds and improve healing. The goal of our work is to combine nontoxic, biodegradable nanomaterials with therapeutics in order to design a topical drug delivery system for controlled release into skin. In this study we demonstrate the potential of combining solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) and bacterial cellulose into a novel system for controlled topical drug delivery.