Deterministic Failure Predictor for Mechanical and Electro-mechanical Systems

J. Heibel

Keywords: failure prediction, deterministic


Although much has been done in recent years in the area of ‘predictive maintenance’ and ‘condition monitoring’, there presently is no technology that can accurately predict the time-remaining-to-failure in machines, vehicles and components. Genmatch, the JHC failure predictor, can do so. GenMatch has over 10 years of beta site application experience in virtually every manufacturing domain. It has purposely been withheld from the market during this time so that irrefutable evidence could be established demonstrating the validity of the claims made herein. Such evidence now exists in the form of failure prediction simulations, using real failure data recorded in the various beta site installations (see pg. 2). Page 2 also contains a demo of heart failure prediction. There are several websites that contain bibliographies of papers in the ‘predictive maintenance’ and ‘condition monitoring’ fields, such as SiteSeer, Single-Machine, Multiple Recipe Predictive Maintenance (2011). The author has purposely withheld publication of GenMatch until the beta-site tests are (now) completed.