2D Engineering of Protein-Based Nanoparticles for cell guidance

W.I. Tatkiewicz, J. Seras-Franzoso, E. García-Fruitós, E. Vazquez, N. Ventosa, I. Ratera, A. Villaverde, J. Veciana
Institut Ciencia Materials de Barcelona (CSIC)/CIBER-BBN, ES

Keywords: inclusion bodies, protein nanoparticle, cell guidance, 2D engineering, fibroblasts, microcontact printing, tissue engineering


Cells responses, like positioning, morphological changes, proliferation and apoptosis, are the result of complex chemical, topographical and biological stimuli. Here we show the macroscopic responses of cells when nanoscale profiles made with Inclusion Bodies (IBs) are used for the 2D engineering of biological interfaces at the microscale. Novel and deep statistical data obtained with fibroblasts cultivated over supports decorated with GFP-derived IBs using patterns with various shapes and sizes demonstrate that these cells preferentially adhere to the IBs areas and align and elongate according to the IBs pattern proving the success of this novel protein-based nanomaterial in the field of tissue engineering.