Mechanical Properties of Reduced Graphene Polymer Composites

P. Xu, B. Panchapakesan
University of Louisville, US

Keywords: reduced graphene, mechanical properties, composites, load transfer, Young’s modulus


In this paper, we report load transfer and mechanical properties of chemically derived single layer graphene (SLG) as reinforcements in poly (dimethyl) siloxane (PDMS) composites. Shear mixing reduced graphene sheets in polymers resulted in a marked decrease of the 2D band intensity due to doping and functionalization. Raman G mode shifts of 11.2 cm-1/% strain in compression and 4.2 cm-1/% strain in tension are reported. Increases in elastic modulus of PDMS by 42%, toughness by 39%, damping capability by 673%, and strain energy density of 43% by the addition of 1 wt% SLG in PDMS are reported.