Nano Modified Functional Coatings

A.S. Khanna
IIT Bombay, IN

Keywords: nano additives, nano-ZnO, UV Bloacking, waterproofing, fire retardant


Role of nano additives in organic paint coatings, to enhance paint properties is now well known. This work highlights some specific functional applications in industries which can be tailored using nano additives in paint formulations. Several new formulations were made using the UV blocking capability of nano zinc oxide. It was found that presence of optimum concentration of nano Zinc oxide in waterborne alkyd coatings enhanced the UV weathering properties along with providing superior corrosion resistance and mechanical properties to the coatings. Similar positive effect was seen by the addition of nano-alumina, nano titania particles in paint matrix. that addition of nano ZnO in epoxy based waterborne coatings, produced by Solgel technique, produced highly corrosion resistant and superior coatings in terms of high temperature capability, mechniacl properties and UV blocking. A combination of fluroadditives and nano ZnO also resulted in highly superhydrophobic coatings. A contact angle of 127 was achieved when these coatings were applied to aluminum base. Nano modified epoxy coatings are being used for several commercial applications for water proofing. We have also formulated and using commercially the Nano-modified fire retardant coatings, which when applied on plastic wires PVC or PE restrict fire spreading.