Development of Novel Nanomaterials for Sampling and Improved Assay of Analytes of Interest to National Security

M.G. Warner, M.J.O. Hara, C.L. Warner, J.C. Carter, W. Chouyyok, J.A. Maclellan, R.S. Addleman
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US

Keywords: radionuclides, nanoparticles, surface modification, characterization, assay, biological matrices


Research is being conducted at PNNL to investigate surface modified nanoparticles and thin films that exhibit affinity for specific radionuclides within complex sample matrices. Ongoing work is being conducted to demonstrate the use of magnetic nanoparticles for analyte uptake from minimally modified or chemically unmodified urine samples, milk and drinking water. In addition, thin film coatings are being applied to various substrates for contact with spiked solutions with the objective of creating an alpha energy spectroscopy (AES) counting source that requires virtually no chemical sample preparation steps. Recent advances in this work will be discussed and current efforts aimed at extending this technology to chemical and biological analytes and detection platforms will also be discussed.