Superhydrophobic and Electrically Conductive Coating

D. Barona, A. Baldelli, A. Amirfazli
York University / Universioty of Alberta, CA

Keywords: novel coating, superhydrophobic, icing, electrically conductive, sprayable, nanofiber


A simple to make, multifunctional, heatable and sprayable Superhydrophobic and Electrically Conductive COating (SECCO) is developed by dispersing Carbon Nanofibers (CNFs) into a water repelling polymer matrix. SECCO exhibits contact angles in excess of 150˚, an average electrical conductivity of 1100 S m-1 and an average thermal conductivity of 0.001 W m-1 K-1 for 20 µm thicknesses. SECCO can reach temperatures in excess of 150˚C and is durable under prolonged water immersion at different temperatures. SECCO’s versatility allows it to be used in applications ranging from microsystems (i.e. MEMS, LOC devices, etc.) to large-scale applications (i.e. aerodynamic surfaces, antennas, etc.) where its excellent properties are desired. A sample application study case will also be presented to demonstrate SECCO’s capabilities for prevention of icing.