Optical Nanofabrication at 2nm

E. Pavel, S. Jinga, B.S. Vasile, G. Kada, A. Sasahara, N. Tosa, A. Matei
Storex Technologies, RO

Keywords: quantum optical lithography, 2 nm, optical diffraction


Study of the resolution limit in optical nanofabrication is of great interest for nanoscience and nanotechnology. Last results indicated that 2 nm is accessible by Quantum Optical Lithography (QOL) with florescent photosensitive glass-ceramics [1-2]. The fabrication of 2 nm structures in fluorescent photosensitive glass-ceramics has been demonstrated by TEM, STEM, AFM and SEM measurements.There are two kinds of nanostructures: trenches on sample surface and Ag filaments inside the sample.Quantum Optical Lithography (QOL) for maskless nanofabrication is a promising technique because of its higher resolution, low cost and potential utilization in electronic, optical, molecular biology and nanomechanical devices.