On the investigation of an interdigitated, high capacitance ratio shunt RF-MEMS switch for X- band applications

M. Angira

Keywords: compact switches, dielectric, HfO2, interdigitated, RF MEMS


This paper presents a novel, highly compact capacitive shunt RF MEMS switch. In the presnted switch, interdigitation of signal lines with actuation electrodes. are used. The compactness has been achieved further by incorporating the HfO2 a high -k dielectric material in place of traditionally used SiO2. The capacitive overlap area reduces by 70%, leading to the overall reduction of about 15% in the switch size. Switch with HfO2 optimized for x- band shows a -56.78 dB isolation and - 0.058 dB insertion loss at 10 GHz as compare to the -40.8 dB isolation, -0.1 dB insertion loss for the switch with SiO2.Significant improvement in switching time is also observed. Pull-in voltage of 5.6V is obtained at a gap of 1um between bridge and transmission line. The compact switch can be useful for the future communication applications.