Polarization controllable laser-induced ripple structure in dye-doped liquid crystal films

K-Y Yu, B-Y Huang, C-T Kuo
National Sun Yat-San University, TW

Keywords: ripple structure, dye-doped liquid crystals, polarization controllable


The laser-induced ripple structure of dye-doped liquid crystals has been investigated with the various polarization of pump beam. The process of laser-induced ripple structure involves two stages, the dye adsorption on substrate and the ripple structure formation. According to the dynamic measurement, the maximum intensity of transmission was due to the twisted nematic configuration induced by homogeneous dye adsorption on the command surface and the decay of transmission was due to the gradual formation of ripple structure. From the observations of atomic force microscopy (AFM), the directions of ripple structure were formed parallel to the polarization of linear polarized pump beam or the elliptical long axis of elliptically polarized pump beam.