Lightweight, multi-functional composites

J. Sabados, R. Williams
N12 Technologies, Inc, US

Keywords: composites, lightweight, increased lifetime


N12 Technologies, Inc, (N12) is commercializing Nanostitch™ developed at MIT that will enable 20%+ lighter, multi-functional composites with de-icing, lightning strike protection and structural health monitoring capability. With expected revenue over $300k during the next 6 months, we believe N12 will become a $200M company in a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar composite materials market. Market Problem: The inter-laminar region between the plies of fiber (the z-axis) in a composite is devoid of reinforcement, a weakness that is currently overcome by over design (adding as much as 50% more layers of material). Moreover, today’s composites have high electrical resistance, which adds manufacturing costs and poses a major problem for wind blades, vehicles, industrial applications and airplanes due to lightning strikes, ice buildup and lack of structural damage detection. N12 Solution: N12 produces highly aligned, morphology controlled large area carbon nanotube 3D structures (100 trillion per m2) called Nanostitch™. Resin-infused Nanostitch™ is a drop-in product placed in-between layers of fiber material during composite fabrication to reinforce composite parts, components and systems in the z-axis while providing conductivity and reducing overall weight for use in 1000’s of different composite applications desiring higher-performance.