A Precise and Fast Temperature Cycling Control System on a Microfluidic Polymerase Chain Reaction Platform

C. Marquart, K-S Ma, C. Marquart
Southern Polytechnic State University, US

Keywords: microfluidic, PCR, CD


Herein, we report our recent research on instrumentation of a novel technology to perform a fast and precise temperature cycling on a microfluidic PCR platform. The platform was developed based on the state-of-the-art compact disc (CD)-microfluidic technology. A novel liquid-heating-liquid-cooling technique is implemented. The bulk hot/cool liquid was generated by a peripheral water cycling system and pumped into the different quadrants on the bottom layer of the CD to achieve three different temperatures for the three PCR reactions (i.e. denature, annealing and elongation) simultaneously. The micro-scale heating/cooling element associated with each micro-well provides precise temperature and timing control to each sample. This technology can not only provide fast temperature transition, but also achieve accurate temperature control to each sample. Each component in our temperature control system are synchronized and controlled by an embedded microcontroller. Overall, our novel liquid-heating-liquid-cooling technique can achieve fast, economic, high accurate and high throughput characteristics in performing temperature cycling on a compact disc (CD)-microfluidic platform for various PCR reactions applications.