Ultratough Artificial Nacre Based on Conjugated Cross-linked Graphene Oxide

Q. Cheng
Beihang University, CN

Keywords: ultratough, artificial nacre, cross-linking, graphene oxide


In this work, inspired by the relationship of excellent toughness and hierarchical nano-/micro-scale structure of natural nacre, we developed a novel strategy for fabricating the integration of ultratough and high strength artificial nacre based on 2D GO sheets via conjugated cross-linking. Highly π-conjugated long chain molecules of 10,12-pentacosadiyn-1-ol (PCDO) are cross-linked with GO sheets only with content of 6.5 wt%, resulting in huge displacement when loading and adsorption of much more fracture energy. The toughness is two times higher than that of natural nacre. Furthermore, the π-conjugated polymers could add additional benefit to the high electrical conductivity of the chemically reduced GO (rGO). This study opens the door toward biomimetic production of GO- or rGO-based composites of superior toughness and high conductivity, which will have great promising applications in many fields like aerospace, flexible supercapacitor electrodes, artificial muscle, and tissue engineering.