Harvesting strong intermolecular interactions for design on novel functional nano- and microstructures

K. Velikov
Unilever R&D, NL

Keywords: functional nanostructures


Strong molecular interactions play an important role in many biological processes and in the formation of new materials. In particular, non-covalent interactions can lead to formation of soluble or insoluble complexes, which can be unitized as building blocks or for stabilization of more complex soft matter systems. In this talk several examples of the use of intermolecular interactions driven by H-bond formation and hydrophobic interactions will be presented. These interactions will be used to design various colloidal particles and microcapsules for delivery of bioactive ingredients, and for stabilization of foams and emulsions. We will discuss the preparation, characterization, stability and application of these structures. Some application examples will be given the role of surface modification, through micro-patterning, on the observed gel structure. Our results provide an understanding of both the viscoelastiticity and microstucture of reconstituted silks that are being utilized as tissue scaffolds.