Advances in Water Based High Barrier Nanocomposite Coatings and Laminates for Flexible Food Packaging

H.A. Goldberg, C.A. Feeney and M. Farrell
InMat Inc., US

Keywords: nanocomposite, coatings


InMat has addressed the challenge of producing environmentally friendly water based coatings that can provide high oxygen barrier at elevated relative humidity using its proprietary nanocomposite coating formulation platform. In addition, significant improvements in the moisture barrier of coated films have also been obtained with this technology. Finally, high barrier transparent laminates that can maintain barrier and peel strength after being held in boiling water for one hour have been demonstrated. InMat’s technical approach combines water dispersed polymers with nanodispersed clays in stable coating formulations that can be applied using standard roll coating methods. In order to meet the cost constraints of the flexible food packaging industry it is important to achieve high barrier with coatings that are << 1 micron thick. The importance of the coating process, the lamination process, and any post processing to achieving the required barrier performance will also be discussed.