Toward Quantum Electronics based on 2-Dimensional Materials and Beyond

P. Kim
Columbia University, US

Keywords: nanoelectronics


The recent advent of atomically thin 2-dimensional materials such as graphene, hexa boronitride, layered transition metal chalcogenide and many strongly correlated materials, has provide a new opportunity of studying novel quantum phenomena in low dimensional systems and utilizing them for novel electronic devices. In particular, graphene has been provided us opportunities to explore exotic transport effect in low-energy condensed matter systems and the potential of carbon based novel device applications. In this presentation I will first discuss the exotic quantum transport behavior discovered in graphene nanostructures in the relation to the device applications beyond CMOS operation. In particular, I will present quantum carrier collimation both of which appear even at room temperature employing graphene lateral heterojunction. Then, I will discuss the new type of material classes based on 2-dimensional van der Waal materials and their heterostructures extending the graphene based research into quasi 3-dimensional systems.