Beyond CMOS Transistors

A. Seabaugh
University of Notre Dame, US

Keywords: nanoelectronics


Tunnel field-effect transistors (TFETs) are under investigation for logic applications to enable power supply reduction under 0.5 V. It is now shown experimentally that subthreshold swings of less than 60 mV/decade can be obtained. These studies and projections based on these findings suggest that the TFET can outperform the MOSFET at low voltages. Current experimental efforts with narrow gap, III-V heterojunctions and graphene are targeting on-currents that will enable high performance applications while still operating at low-voltage. This talk will review the physics of steep subthreshold swing devices and outline the trade-offs to be balanced in transistor design. The current experimental status in TFET development will be highlighted along with a look to the future.