The Molecular NanoTweezer: A new and practical way to control and manipulate nanoparticles

B. Cordovez
Optofluidics, Inc., US

Keywords: optofluidics


Optofluidics is commercializing the Molecular NanoTweezer, a system that exploits nanophotonics and microfluidics to enable unparalleled nanoparticle manipulation. By exploiting near field optics in waveguides containing one-dimensional photonic crystals, the Molecular NanoTweezer has been used to directly optically trap the smallest of nanoparticles including individual clinically relevant proteins and quantum dots. The Molecular NanoTweezer presents a thousand-fold improvement in trapping capability over traditional optical tweezers by overcoming the light diffraction limit which constraints traditional free space systems to only influence matter larger than 100 nm. Here we will discuss current and future applications of this technology, and briefly overview our commercialization efforts