Self-Propelled Nanojets via Template Electrodeposition

G. Zhao, A. Ambrosi, M. Pumera
Nanyang Technological University, SG

Keywords: nanomotors, electrochemical deposition, magnetized nanojets


A rapid, high-yield, low-end and low-cost fabrication of nanojet motors using a template directed electrochemical deposition method is presented. The bubble-ejecting nanojets were grown within the commercially available alumina templates. They have typical dimensions of 300 nm (diameter) by 4.5 μm (length), and are able to move in a hydrogen peroxide fuel solution with velocities up to ~40 body lengths per second. Various modes of motion were observed such as straight, screw-like and circular motions. In addition, due to their small dimensions, the movements of these nanojets can be strongly influenced by colliding them with micro-bubbles. What’s more, with the introduction of a Ni segment followed by a consequent magnetization, a permanent change in the magnetic domain can be induced. Such a magnetized nanojet orients itself according to the external magnetic field and propels itself toward or away from the source of the magnetic field depending on its orientation. This rapid, high-yield, low-end and low-cost fabrication method opens up the doors for world-wide nanojet fabrication in the near future.