New Electromagnetic Shielding Sheets Using Carbon-Nanotube-Composite Papers

B.J. Li, W. Ito, H. Hiwatashi, T. Oya
Yokohama National University, JP

Keywords: carbon nanotube, carbon nanotube composite papers, electromagnetic shielding sheets, dome shaped shield, Japanese washi paper


We propose new electromagnetic shielding(EMS) sheets using carbon-nanotube(CNT)-composite papers. The paper has good electrical conductivity in spite of a paper, the weight is light, and there is no deterioration problem because of both the CNT and the pulp properties. Therefore, it is useful to apply to the use of EMS sheets. In this study, we aim to make new sheet that has a good shielding effectiveness(SE) over 30 dB in the whole frequency from 0.1 MHz to 10 GHz by using the paper. As the first step of manufacturing, we prepare a pulp suspension. Second, we also prepare a CNT suspension. Third, we mix the pulp and the CNT suspensions to make a mixed suspension. Finally, we scoop the paper containing the CNTs by tray-screen and dry it. To test the sample, we use the KEC method. As results, our papers represented a good SE from 0.1 MHz to 100 MHz frequency. However, the SE in GHz band was 16 dB, so far. To increase the SE in GHz band, we designed and simulated lots of new shapes of shielding sheets. We could obtain useful results. Details will be presented in the conference.