High Performance Structural Forgings with Nano-Scale Structures

C.C. Chen, E.Y. Chen
Transition45 Technologies, Inc., US

Keywords: forgings, structures, nano-grains, severe plastic deformation


This work demonstrates the fabrication of bulk structural forgings with nano-scale structures through an innovative forging approach. Forge processing is a method of thermo-mechanical processing (TMP) for producing structural components with controlled microstructure-properties. The actual forge product often involves a massive volume containing various rib-and-web shapes, thicknesses, and sizes, and the feasibility of developing a uniform grained structural part cannot be done through a simple experimental and/or conventional forging approach. In an actual manufacturing practice, only current conventional forging equipment and process can provide a process-simplicity flexibility and economics for production feasibility and manufacturing applicability of nano-grained forgings. Some advantages of the process/technology include process simplicity, flexibility, controllability, and affordability. All of these features will allow for rapid scale up of this unique technology for the manufacture of full scale articles with NG-structures. A key conceptual innovation here is changing from the conventional “high temperature workability/flowability” design concept to one that is based on producing “finer grain and/or grain flow microstructures for properties enhancement,” and also changing from the conventional purely “heat treat property” as process design concept to “deformation/structure/property” as process design concept for final forge products.