Development of Cylindrical Endothelial Microvessel Model

X. Li, Y. Liu
West Virginia University, US

Keywords: microfluidics, reflow photoresist, PDMS


A cylindrical endothelial microvessel model was developed by the combination of photolithographic reflowable photoresist technique, soft lithography, and microfluidics. The endothelialized microchannels platform mimics the three-dimensional (3D) geometry of in vivo microvessels, runs under controlled continuous perfusion flow, allows for high-quality and real-time imaging, and can be applied for microvascular research. Our method shows it is a convinient, cost-effective, reproducible microfabrication approach to create a multi-depth circular cross-sectional microchannel network in polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). With the increasing utility of microfluidic channels for cell biology, tissue engineering, and bioengineering applications, the developed model is a potential assay for microvascular research.