Electrical and mechanical properties of hybrid nano-metal circuits composed of Ag nanowires and nanoparticles

J-W. Kim, S-J. Hong and M-G. Kwak
Korea Electronics Technology Institute, KR

Keywords: Ag nanowire, nanoparticle, flexible display, conductive circuit


For a successful printing the of conductive circuits for high frequency signal transmission on a flexible substrate, a high conductive paste that could be sintered or cured at low temperatures below 150℃ is essential. Here we employed the well-known Ag nanowires for the formulation of the high conductive Ag paste. A small amount of Ag nanowires from 1 to 6.8 wt% was added to the conventional Ag nanopastes consisted of Ag nanoparticles (50 nm in diameter), solvent and binder. The paste was printed on a transparent PET substrate by the gravure offset printing method, which was followed by a heat treatment at 150℃. Electrical resistivity was measured by the four point probe method, and the bending test was conducted to evaluate the flexibility of the printed circuits. The conductivity of the printed paste was highly increased, while various other mechanical properties were observed to be significantly improved in either cases.