Putting The World In A Spin - Fibercore’s Spun Optical Fibers For The Current Sensor Industry

A. Gillooly
Fibercore Limited, UK

Keywords: photonic materials


The development and growth of spun optical fibers for Faraday effect current sensors is a perfect example of how having a killer technology also requires a killer application. Spun fibers have sat in the shadows for over 30 years, but with the recent rise of the BRIC nations, focus on Smart Grid technologies and the ever increasing demand for energy, the time is right for fiber optic current sensors to break out of the lab environment and into large scale commercial use. Fibercore pioneered the commercial development of spun optical fibers 30 years ago and are now the leading global supplier of spun fibers for high sensitivity fiber optic current sensors. This talk will give an overview of the fiber and sensor technology and explain the global factors that have catalysed the recent demand for these fibers.