Nanomedicine 2012

L. Balogh
Nanomedicine NBM, US

Keywords: nanomedicine, research, commercialization, communication


Nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology are two rapidly emerging areas. Nanomedicine focuses on the patient and nanobiotechnology concentrates on new medical technology. Nanobiotechnology is developing novel and better approaches and solutions that have the potential to forever change how patients are diagnosed and treated in the next decade. Using these results, nanomedicine will transform clinical medicine and change the way pharmaceutical commercialization and business is done. Apart from the great promises of the relevant sciences and developing technologies, there are several challenges for these paradigm-changing fields, especially in the areas of communication, commercialization (safety, regulations, and standardization), education, financial and public policies. Whether nanobiotechnology becomes a successful and economic “nanobusiness” fueling clinical applications, ultimately will depend on whether or not we can solve and harmonize present issues in the above fields. In this talk, the latest developments in nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine will be summarized, including popular discussion topics, i.e., “personalized medicine”, “theranostics”, and market trends along with the introduction of a number of nanomedicines approved by FDA and commercialized by pharmaceutical companies.