Fabrication and Characterization of PEDOT Nanowires Based on Self Assembled Peptide Nanotube Lithography

N. Ormstrup Christiansen, K.B. Andersen, J. Castillo-León, W.E. Svendsen, N. Rozlosnik
Technical University of Denmark, DK

Keywords: PEDOT:TsO, diphenylalanine, nanowire, nanolithography, cleanroom fabrication, self-assembly, peptide nanotubes


In this article we demonstrate the use of self-assembled peptide nanotube structures as a masking material in a rapid, mild and low cost fabrication of PEDOT:TsO nanowire device. In this new fabrication approach the PEDOT:TsO nanowire voids all contact with any organic solvents otherwise traditionally used in clean room fabrication. This can be achieved due to the intriguing properties of the self-assembled peptide nanotubes utilized as a dry etching mask for the patterning of the PEDOT:TsO nanowire. The peptide nanotubes, despite remaining stable during the reactive ion etching procedure, can be dissolved rapidly in water afterwards. The fabricated PEDOT:TsO nanowire devices exhibit excellent electrical characteristics. Finally the potential of these PEDOT:TsO nanowires as temperature sensors has been demonstrated and the high resolution of the sensor was illustrated.