Carbon Nanostructured Advanced Cable Shielding Technologies

S. Harvey, T. Shah, P. Dutton, J. Morber
Lockheed Martin, US

Keywords: cables, carbon nanostructured, CNS, EMI


Applied NanoStructured Solutions, LLC (ANS) has developed a technology to continuously grow and infuse Carbon Nanostructures (CNS) directly on fiber substrates. ANS has designed and constructed a modular, scalable manufacturing line and demonstrated infusion onto carbon, glass, ceramic, and aramid fibers, and on metals. This patented method harnesses the advantageous properties of CNS at a cost-effective and commercially viable scale. ANS working with TE Connectivity’s (TE) Advanced Development Group in Menlo Park California has begun to insert a variety of product forms, using this technology, into Lockheed Martin platforms as well other OEM’s platforms, defense as well as commercial. The first form factor built and tested was braided cable shielding. TE manufactured prototype CNS based cables have demonstrated weight savings with increased performance. These prototypes have been flown on a Lockheed Martin platform and meet EMP and Lightning requirements for flight safety