Modeling and Fabrication of Quantum Dot Channel (QDC) Field-Effect Transistors Incorporating Quantum Dot Gate

J. Kondo
University of Connecticut, US

Keywords: quantum dot gate (QDG), quantum dot channel (QDC), quantum dot superlattice (QDSL), multi-valued logic (MVL)


Quantum dot gate (QDG) field effect transistors (FET) have shown three-state transfer characteristics. Quantum dot channel (QDC) field-effect transistors (FET) have exhibited multi-state ID-VG characteristics. This paper aims at studying the effect of incorporating cladded quantum dot layers in the gate region of QDC-FET. Their operations are explained by carrier transport in narrow energy mini-bands which are manifested in a quantum dot superlattice (QDSL) transport channel. QDSL is formed by an array of cladded quantum dots (such as SiOx-Si and GeOx-Ge). Multi-state FETs are needed in multi-valued logic (MVL) that can reduce the number of gates and transistors in digital circuits. This paper describes modeling and fabrication of QDC-QDG FET which consists of two layers of cladded quantum dots in the gate as well as in the channel regions.