Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer in Bioconjugated Quantum Dot-Dye systems

A. Khachatrian, J.S. Melinger, T.L. Jennings, K. Susumu, A.L. Huston, I.L. Medintz
Naval Research Laboratory, US

Keywords: quantum dots, fluorescence resonance energy transfer, steady state and time resolved fluorescence, single-particle FRET


In this work we address the description of Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) in a complex multivalent quantum dot (QD)/dye system by understanding how inhomogeneity affects the FRET dynamics of the acceptor dye molecules. Most previous FRET studies of QD-dye systems have focused on describing the QD donor because its fluorescence response tends to be simpler than for the acceptor. However, a full understanding of the acceptor FRET dynamics is also important, and will impact the future design of nanomaterials for diverse applications, including biosensing and solar energy harvesting. Here, we experimentally characterize the FRET interactions of a semiconductor QD/dye system using a combination of ensemble steady state and time resolved fluorescence measurements in conjunction with single-particle FRET (spFRET) measurements. Taken together they resolve the inhomogeneity in the material system, which will improve the modeling and understanding of the experimental FRET dynamics.