Preparation of Calcium Zirconate –Silica nano composite and consideration of thermal, electrical and photocatalitical properties

N. Kermani, M. Kargar Razi
Azad University Tehran North Branch, IR

Keywords: calcium zirconate-silica, nanocomposite


In this research, Calcium Zirconate–Silica nanocomposite was synthesized and its thermal, electrical constant and photocatalitical properties were evaluated. For preparation of CaZrO3/SiO2, nano powder was synthesized by sol-gel method then was calcinated at 700- 1000 ºC. Then nanocomposite was synthesized by adding of processing micro silica. The resultant of nano composite and nano powder characterized by XRD, FT-IR, SEM and EDX techniques with 5-20 weight percent of micro silica in sol-gel method and it was calcinated at 700- 1000 ºC . The results showed that by increasing the calcium zirconate phase to the silica matrix, the thermal expansion decreases from 15.96×10-6 1/°C to 10.26×10-6 1/°C. Also the dielectric constant increased from 3.9 for pure silica to 5.6 for silica- 20 % wt calcium zirconate nanocomposite. Photocatalitical activity of nanocomposit by dye degradation of methylen blue under UV light was improved from 80% to 95% in various pH and room temperature.