Stacked Self-standing Carbon Nanotube Forest Films utilizing Periodical Multi-layered (Fe/AlN)n Films

H. Furuta, H. Koji, T. Harigai, A. Hatta
Kochi University of Technology, JP

Keywords: carbon nanotube forest film, stacked CNT, multi-layered catalyst


A novel Carbon Nanotube structure, stacked self-standing carbon nanotube forest films achieved by a newly developed periodically deposited multi-layered (Fe/AlN)n film, are presented. Fe and AlN films were deposited on the substrate periodically by magnetron sputtering method in order to prepare (Fe/AlN)n multi-layered films. After the thermal CVD process, multi-stacked vertically aligned CNT forest films, looks like a Mille-Feuille, were grown on the substrate. Each stack of CNT films could be easily separated by hand. The novel CNT structure of the stacked self-standing CNT forest films is expected to be applied in the applications of thermal conducting sheet, electrical contact sheet, base substrate for bio applications, etc.