Electromechanical response of high frequency silicon nanowire resonators:simulation and measurements

A. Koumela, D. Mercier, C. Marcoux, S.T. Purcell, S. Hentz, L. Duraffourg

Keywords: NEMS, MEMS, Si nanowire


Electromechanical models of nano-electromechanical devices are usually implemented with specifically developed mathematical software and these models are not easily compatible with circuit simulation software. However, in order to use a nano-device as a sensor, a specific electrical circuit needs to be designed and an equivalent electrical model of the device is needed. Usually, the electrical model used is a RLC circuit which does not account for the mechanical behaviour of the device or which gives an electrical response for a known mechanical state. In this paper, we present an electromechanical model for silicon nanowire resonators (SNWR) with piezoresistive detection and electrostatic actuation. The model is very easy to implement in commercial circuit software and permits to simulate accurately and simultaneously the mechanical and the electrical response.