Innobin Korea




Chul Ho Kim



Primary Industry: 

“SmartBin” equipped with the automatic controlled system

Executive Summary: 

This unique automatic controlled rubbish bin is ideal for public use. The conventional trash bin has a dirty, unhygienic image to the general public. But this new concept with its advanced technology will change our living environment towards a clean and hygienic lifestyle. By replacing the present trash bin it will give a hygienic, clean, odorless experience for the users, because of, - Convenience with motion sensor door - Hygiene with in-built deodorizer - Saving cost with the auto compactor - Useful information providing kiosk with LCD monitor This intelligent rubbish bin can be placed in multiple settings such as; - General Hospital, Public Library, Department Store - Airport, Train Station, Food Court, Amusement Park, Convention Center Through the replacement of the trash bin with this new concept, our living condition will be improved.