Biopolymer colloidal particles as functional delivery systems and stabilizers of fluid-in-fluid dispersions

K. Velikov
Unilever R&D, NL

Keywords: Biopolymer, Colloids, Particles


There is a great interest in natural polymeric materials for development of novel colloidal delivery systems for bioactive molecules, building blocks for advanced materials, and for stabilisation of fluid-in-fluid dispersions. This talk will focus on the synthesis and characterisation of colloidal particles from prolamins, a water insoluble protein from plants, as platform for design of novel colloidal delivery systems, composite particles, and stabilisers for fluid-in-fluid dispersions. We will discuss the preparation, characterisation, stability and application of pure zein, composite and core-shell particles containing other polymers or functional ingredients. Formation and stability of oil-in-water emulsions is studied as a function of particle concentration, pH and ionic strength. The role of colloidal polymeric matrix to control crystalline state and photostability of the entrapped functional ingredients (e.g. curcumin4). The particle ability to control stability is studied at different physiologically relevant pH values and in simulated gastro-intestinal conditions. Finally, the mucoadhesion properties of the particles are evaluated using in vitro washed off method on agarose gels and mucin association on Caco-2 cells.