Nanotech 2011
Edward P. Furlani

Edward P. Furlani

Departments of Chemical/Biological and Electrical Engineering

Dr. Edward P. Furlani earned dual undergraduate degrees in physics and electrical engineering, and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University at Buffalo. Upon completing his graduate studies, he joined the Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories working exclusively in the field of multidisciplinary modeling for the development of novel materials and devices. Dr. Furlani recently left the Kodak labs and joined the faculty of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University at Buffalo (SUNY) where he holds joint appointments as a Professor in the Departments of Chemical/Biological and Electrical Engineering. His research interests involve multidisciplinary and multiscale modeling for emerging applications in the fields of micro- and nanoscale science. Current projects in his group involve microfluidics with an emphasis on biomedical devices, nanophotonic materials such as metamaterials and plasmonic media, and biomagnetic applications of magnetic nanoparticles including drug delivery, gene transfection and bioseparation. Dr. Furlani has authored over 64 publications, a graduate text on applied magnetics and several book chapters covering topics on micro- and nanoscale magnetic and microfluidic applications. He holds over 145 US patents.

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