Nanotech 2011

Thermotropic liquid crystal phase of gold nanorods

Paul  Luchette

Paul Luchette

Director of Material Development


Paul Luchette (PhD.) recently joined AlphaMicron Inc. as Director of Material Development working on liquid crystal, polymer and optical materials. Paul’s research interests include liquid crystalline phases of nanoparticles as well as the design and synthesis of coatings that promote NP self-assembly and optically active materials. Before joining AlphaMicron, Paul worked at the Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University, as a researcher as part of the AFOSR’s ‘Self Assembled Soft Optical Negative Index Materials’ MURI program. Paul was one of the lead material developers, synthesizing novel mesogenic, dye, and polymer coatings for gold nanoparticles, and developed the first thermotropic liquid crystal phase of gold nanorods. At AlphaMicron, he is incorporating nanoparticles into the product line increase product performance.

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