Nanotech 2011
Khuloud Al-Jamal

Khuloud Al-Jamal

Lecturer in Nanomedicine

King's College London


Dr. Khuloud T. Al-Jamal, Bsc (Hons), PhD, MRPharmS is a lecturer in Nanomedicine. She has completed her pre-registration pharmacy training at The University College London Hospital. She was awarded an Overseas Research Award Scheme (ORSA) Scholarship from The University of London (2000-2004). She obtained her PhD in Drug Delivery from The School of Pharmacy, University of London under the supervision of Professor Alexander T Florence (2005). She was awarded the CW Maplethorpe Research and Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowship from The University of London (2005-2007) to explore the use of cationic dendrimers as anti-angiogenic agents for growth inhibition of solid & metastatic tumours. She was also a founding member of The Nanomedicine Lab at the Centre for Drug Delivery Research at The School of Pharmacy, under the supervision of Professor Kostas Kostarelos (2005-2010). She has developed an extensive experience in designing and developing novel nanoscale delivery systems including dendrimers, liposomes, quantum Dots (QDs), viral vectors and chemically functionalised carbon nanotubes. Her current work involves pre-clinical translation of novel nanomaterials designed specifically for drug, siRNA, plasmid and radionuclide delivery for therapeutic or diagnostic applications.

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