Nanotech 2011

Electrochemical Production of Environmentally Friendly Oxider Potassium Ferrate

Naima  Bestaoui

Naima Bestaoui


Naima Bestaoui-Spurr, PhD. is a Research Scientist at Lynntech, Inc, a technology development company located in College Station, TX. She joined Lynntech in 2005 and worked on developing new materials for various applications. Her research and development effort include nanocomposite polymers processing for application in dielectric capacitors and medical tubing, novel synthesis routes for inorganic nanoparticles; surface modification of nanoparticles using silanes and phosphonates chemistry and ion exchange materials for radiopharmaceutical generators and environmental remediation. She has served as principal investigator on several of these projects. She received her PhD in Materials Chemistry from the Institute of Materials of Nantes (France) working on synthesis of new iridium oxides and their electrochromic application. After finishing up her PhD she did a post doctoral research at Iowa State University/Ames Laboratory where she developed reduced rare-earth chalcogenides and determined their crystal structure. She also worked at Texas A&M University on metal phosphates and phosphonates and determined their structure from powder using ab-initio methods and Rietveld Refinement and studied their ion exchange properties. Her interests are in new materials synthesis and process development, materials characterization with interest in application for energy storage and environmental remediation.

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