Nanotech 2011

Nanoengineering the active site in heterogeneous catalysis

Adam F. Lee

Adam F. Lee

Professor, EPSRC Leadership Fellow

Cardiff Catalysis Institute

United Kingdom

Adam Lee is an EPSRC Leadership Fellow and Professor of Physical Chemistry, nanoengineering heterogeneous catalysts for clean chemical technologies within the Cardiff Catalysis Institute. He has published over 100 original research articles in peer-reviewed international journals, and has been instrumental in the development of in-situ and operando X-ray spectroscopies to elucidate surface chemical processes and structure-reactivity relations within colloidal and supported metal and metal oxide nanoparticles. Adam's research on selective oxidation and biofuel production is internationally recognised, and he is an Editorial Board member for Catalysis Communications, Catalysts and the Open Catalysis Journal.

His research interests include heterogeneous catalysis, surface science and porous solids, synchrotron radiation, and renewable energy.

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