Nanotech 2011

Physical stability of nanoparticle dispersion

M. Fleury, Y. Lefeuvre, C. Tisserand, L. Brunel, G. Meunier
Formulaction, FR

Keywords: stability, nanoparticles, multiple light scattering


Nanoparticles applications in the industry are getting more and more important and concern many different fields (drug delivery, carbon nanotubes, display technologies, etc.). In the last decades a vast amount of scientific research has been developed to improve the understanding of these complex dispersions. Using new analytical techniques, it is now possible to control and tailor properties of suspensions and to get a better understanding of time behaviour. Following this idea, stability measurements, which were commonly done by simple visual observations, can now be performed automatically via an optical device. This instrument is based on Multiple Light Scattering and is associated to a vertical scanning of the sample. It enables to identify and quantify instability phenomena before they are visible to the operator (up to 200 times earlier). Physical parameters and kinetics can be computed in order to facilitate and improve sample comparison. Examples of CNT dispersibility measurements are presented using this technique and enable to fine tune the dispersion in terms of solvent, surfactant content etc.

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