Nanotech 2011

In-situ observation of fracture of the interface between an individual fiber and the pyrocarbon matrix in C/C composites

G.H. Zhou, L.L. He
Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Acadmy of Sciences, CN

Keywords: in-situ TEM observation, interface between carbon fiber and pyrocarbon matrix, fracture


The macroscopic mechanical properties of carbon/carbon composites are strongly determined not only by the microstructure and properties of the constituents but also by the mechanical behavior of the fiber-matrix interface. In this abstract, by using a FEI Tecknai G30 high-resolution field-emission transmission electron microscope and a sepecial AFM-TEM holder, direct force measurements were performed through bending a small part of a single fiber perpendicular to the transversal-section of the fiber. TEM observations showed that the carbon fiber surface possessed groove-like features, which contributed largely to the bonding between the fibers and the pyrocarbon matrix. Force vs displacement curves revealed that when a small force was exerted perpendicular to the transversal-section of the carbon fiber, the interface between the fiber and the pyrocarbon matrix debonded by loosening of individual groove. Many grooves debonded when the force is large enough. Beside, the interfacial shear strength of the researched C/Cs was successfully derived to be about 13 MPa by means of a simple model based on the debonding force of a single groove.

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