Nanotech 2011

Continuous flow synthesis of fluorescent and magnetic nanoparticles

J. Niehaus, D. Ness, S. Becker, H. Tran, H. Weller
Center for Applied Nanotechnology, DE

Keywords: quantum dot, iron oxide, nanoparticle production, continuous flow, micro fluidic


We would like to present our approach for the continuous production of fluorescent and magnetic nanoparticles. The influence of different reaction parameters like flow speed, temperature and type of mixing chamber on the size, size distribution and properties of CdSe and FeOx particles will be shown and discussed. We will also report about our method to grow core/shell particles like CdSe/ZnS in the continuous flow process and the influence of the reaction parameters on the shell. All these reactions lead to particles with high reproducible properties and can get increased to a kg/year scale with decreased production costs.

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